• Mitchelburne Apprentice Boys of Derry Club
  • Mitchelburne Apprentice Boys of Derry Club
  • Mitchelburne Apprentice Boys of Derry Club
  • Mitchelburne Apprentice Boys of Derry Club
  • Mitchelburne Apprentice Boys of Derry Club
  • Mitchelburne Apprentice Boys of Derry Club
  • Mitchelburne Apprentice Boys of Derry Club
  • Mitchelburne Apprentice Boys of Derry Club


We do know that a Branch Club did exist in the Blaugh area before the current Branch Club Charter was installed in 1955. We have historical documented evidence of a Bro Henry Graham transferring from Blaugh Branch Club to Killowen in 1921. Unfortunately one of the past Parent Club Secretaries had his premises destroyed in a bomb in the Maiden City with all artefacts from Mitchelburne Branch Club being destroyed so we were unable to research this any further.

Nonetheless the 13 names given to be placed on the 1955 Charter were: W. Rennie Snr, RN Devenney, W McConnell, W Stirling, H Glenn, WJ Harrison, H Hayes, J Stirling, J Dickson, D Sinclair, J Dinnan, R Warring, W Rennie Jnr.

After the Charter was instituted on 24th November 1955 with 15 members enrolled on the same evening, after which the Brethren set about fundraising to get the new Branch Club on a financial sound footing and after a brief period of time it was decided a flag would be required for forthcoming Relief of Derry Celebrations in 1956, so the first flag belonging to the club was proposed to be bought at a Branch Club meeting held on Thursday 5th January 1956 from Mr F Hargy at a cost of £34-10s-0d, the size of which was to be 4ft 6in by 5ft 3in. This was unfurled on the first Friday night in June 1956 by the Rev White and that Rev McKinney and Rev Mullan would be asked to play a part. The local Bands and Branch Clubs were to be invited to parade. The Branch Club flag lasted until a Branch Club meeting held on Thursday 21st September 1989 when a discussion took place about buying a new Branch Club Bannerette as the Branch Club had just received new collarettes and cuffs the previous year donated by the family of the last Past President Robbie Boyce in his memory. It was felt that this would be an appropriate time for the new bannerette after receiving new collarettes and cuffs.

21st September 1989 it was duly proposed and seconded that Mr Bobby Anderson gets the contract for painting the new Branch Club Bannerette. An amendment was then proposed and seconded that Mr Jim Maguire get the contract, after a vote being taken the amendment carried.

21st December 1989 at the usual Branch Club meeting a lengthy discussion ensured on what would be portrayed on the new Branch Club Bannerette. It was then proposed and seconded that the scene of the Shutting of The gates be painted on one side with The Mountjoy on the other and that the Branch Club name be placed on either side. The President was instructed to go and see Mr J Maguire.

15th February 1990 it was reported all was in hand and to proceed with the new Branch Club Bannerette.

21st June 1990 it was agreed to have the bannerette dedicated at the August meeting. The following monthly meeting it was agreed to invite the Rev Kennedy to carry out the dedication.

9th August 1990 the new Bannerette was viewed, and would be later dedicated after the meeting. The Rev Kennedy carried out the dedication to The Glory Of God and for the use of The Branch Club. After the dedication, supper was served. The total cost of the bannerette was £400.

The Branch Club held two anniversary functions:

1955; 40th Anniversary Celebration Dinner Dance in The Bohill Hotel and Country Club.

20th October 2005; 50th Anniversary Celebrations, Installation Of Officers Meeting, Bro Graham Watton; President presented an Anniversary Cake depicting The Apprentice Boys Association Crest to the Senior Past President Bro Tommy Leighton. Bro Cauley Moffat; long serving Past President was presented with a list of Past Presidents from 1955 to 2005.

Worthy Governor; Bro William Allen and Officers of Mitchelburne Parent Club give gifts to mark the 50th Anniversary.

Three original founder members were presented with 50 year jewels by The President, Bro Graham Watton; Bro Tommy Leighton; Past President, Bro Cauley Moffat; Past President and Bro Noel Devenney. This was a special moment for Bro Watton as Bro Moffat was Grandfather and Bro Devenney was his Great Uncle.

September 2009 it was agreed to purchase a new set of collarettes and cuffs as the older ones served 21 years and were tattered.

September 2011 it was agreed to purchase a new bannerette as after the Relief of Derry Celebrations in Londonderry the old one got ripped due to the weather. This was to be identical copy of the previous one.

August 2012 the new bannerette was dedicated by our 3 remaining original members of 57 years; Bro T. Leighton PP, Bro C Moffat PP, and Bro N Devenney.

Blaugh Branch Club goes from strength to strength and at its height had a membership of 160+ the biggest in The Association history. We have had Brethren sit on General Committee as representative of Coleraine and District Amalgamated Committee, with Bro Graham Watton PP holding the post of Assistant General Secretary for two years. We feel we have supported The Mitchelburne Parent Club and The Apprentice Boys Association as a whole over the years and hope to assist in their power in whatever manner they may be called upon to do in the future.

Blaugh Past Presidents:

1955 – 1957      Bro William Rennie
1957 – 1960      Bro Thompson Stirling
1960 – 1961      Bro John Ramage
1961 – 1965      Bro Hugh Moore
1965 – 1967      Bro James Stirling
1967 – 1970      Bro Isaac O’Neill
1970 – 1974      Bro Hugh Stirling
1974 – 1976      Bro Robert Boyce
1976 – 1981      Bro Thomas Leighton
1981 – 1982      Bro Mervyn Adams
1982 – 1986      Bro Norman Rainey
1986 – 1997      Bro Caldwell Moffatt
1997 – 2003      Bro Raymond Cameron
2003 – 2007      Bro Graham Watton
2007 – 2012      Bro Derek Kennedy
2012 – Present  Bro John McIreavy

We would like to wish the Worthy President; Bro Kenny Kincaid and his Officers and Brethren of The Mitchelburne Parent Club a very happy and enjoyable year as they mark this great milestone of 300 years in their history.